Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Never-Ending Guild Trial

Well, the merger didn't work out. If you were any of the people I talked to about it, feel free to say that you told me so. To be honest, I was never totally sure it was going to be okay.

There were times when it felt like it was working out, but as reassuring as it felt, I was always aware of the unseen action in the background, the unspoken feelings, and the clear disinterest of several members in meshing together and becoming one.

We had weak links on both sides from the merger, but honestly a lot of the troubles had to do with poor organization and decision making. We would say, oh we're only bringing the best, then invite everyone who was online. Then say, oh we're going to cut the weakest members and tighten up this raid, and then we'd go four more attempts without doing anything about anyone. We'd say, we shouldn't waste anymore time on this boss, let's go somewhere else, and then not go anywhere.

We all knew what should have happened, but it seemed like everyone thought it was someone else's job.

I'm disappointed, but despite the abrupt, wildfire manner in which the split happened, several people still left politely and in the end, the worst possible outcome I said would happen, happened. In fact, I more or less said exactly, "worst case scenario, they all get pissed and leave and we start over where we left off."

sorta like this

We're raiding tonight, and we're just going to use the group finder, pug some people, and do what we can. We're piecing everything back together and starting where we left off. That possible Warcraft break I was feeling back at the end of last year might be coming after all. I've been playing a lot of Cleft of Dimensions, and MH4U is coming out on the 13th.

We didn't have a bad guild before we merged - the entire purpose was just to bolster our numbers for mythic. I still want to raid, I really want to see all the bosses in BRF, but going through two devastating events in just a few months hasn't been the most uplifting experience.

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