Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tidying Up

I missed a few update days recently. It wasn't due to any particular important reason, I was just playing video games. I have plenty to write about, but I've been killing monsters, and I'm going through Majora's Mask.

made some armor out of this guy

There were a large number of birthdays to celebrate this month, including my own, and I've just been going between games and other various activities for awhile, which settled down into a situation where I hadn't turned on my computer for about four straight days.

So, I got on yesterday to make a post, and kind of realized that I have close to 100 posts on my blog. When I started this blog, I had the plan that I would make a general theme and then just make posts until it felt more concrete. At which point, I had planned, I would fix up the place and see exactly where I was and where I was going.

Well, I think it's about at that point - except, I still don't exactly know how to cement this whole idea out.

maybe it's because of my construction team

If I don't know now, I might not ever know. I've added a few pages and plan on doing more to change up the layout. I'm not sure there's anything about my layout or design that is particularly awful, so the process will be gradual and possibly disorderly. If you are one of the 0 to 20 people that my pageview tracker says exists and you have any suggestions, go ahead and let me know! Otherwise, I'll just be here messing with things until something seems good.

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