Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Guild Goes Full Circle

Last night, my guild did a co-op raid with the guild that originally started to cause all of our troubles. It was the guild that the first guy left to join, which was the catalyst that caused several other people to leave to join their 'more progression focused' guild, then more people ended up leaving because we were 'too progression oriented'. Yeah, that whole thing.

Turns out, that first guy is going to quit raiding, and that guild is also losing their guild leader and raid leader. The co-op raid was a pretty good success, and there is some talk that members of that other guild may be looking for a new home. Unlike our failed merger, having people join us would probably work out fine.

This is all in spite of the fact that I wasn't there. I had uh


yeah. But another officer told me all this this morning, so that's all pretty interesting.

I don't feel particularly awesome, but maybe I can feel better by raid time tonight. I have the conclusion to our latest D&D adventure coming up soon!

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