Saturday, February 7, 2015

Catbox Day

Happy Caturday! As we all know, cats love boxes, and laundry baskets, and sitting on the only piece of clothing on the entire bed or couch, and basically anything that is a shape. Cats will even sit in the illusion of a shape.

this is a 'cat trap'

Some people, apparently less inspired than others, are baffled by this behavior. Articles pop up explaining the vast mystery of why cats love to lay in boxes.

Frankly, this... "puzzling phenomenon" should really not boggle your mind or cause you to reconsider the meaning or existence of life. It's simple really.

as if I'm not very obviously comfortable

Cats love boxes because they're little beds. They're enclosed spaces, like caves or burrows or dens, and cats are descendent from actual wild animals that slept in these enclosed spaces. A cat doesn't look at a box or laundry basket or your black pants you left out on the couch and experience some transcendent, mystical ancient animal instinctual ritual. It's just a box. It's cozy. Your pants are cozy. This clean laundry is cozy.

thank you for laying this bed out for me, human

What a great spot to chill out! Cats sleep 16 to 20 hours a day, they want to be comfortable.

even this wild dude loves him some boxes

It's not like other animals don't like boxes.

though he may have had poor judgement

Maybe we pretend to be mystified by why animals love boxes since we just use boxes to put stuff in and aren't smart or creative enough to be entertained by them once we've passed the age of 10. Instead, we just entertain ourselves with animals that are entertained by them!

toona inspecting a recent amazon delivery

he loves this basket beyond reason

fishcake is glad I sometimes leave the bathrobe on the floor.

The final say is, it's not really that surprising that animals like to lay on and in things. We do, too. I don't think too many of us sprawl out on the bare floor each night when we go to sleep.

and it teaches cats the importance of sharing

Happy Caturday, everyone!
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